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Is Your Car Battery Dead?

Is your car battery dead, or close to dying? Sometimes it could just be a case of ‘bad battery’. Either way, these are the tell-tale signs to look out for:

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To get started with the car battery replacement service, simply give us details of your battery issues to get a free quote. This can be done on the Service My Car app or website. If you opt for collection and delivery, choose a time slot and enter your location details. One of our designated drivers will bring your Car to one of our certified garages for a voltmeter check. Intensive testing is done here to see if there is any corrosion with the connectors and the battery terminal. Based on the findings, our highly trained and experienced team of auto repair experts start working on your car battery replacement service. During our car servicing process, we carry out thorough battery performance tests 3 years onwards. You will be notified when a car battery replacement service is due. With 12-month parts and labour warranty included, you can rest assured that you won't have any dead Car battery troubles with us.

Get the Best Out of Your Car Battery

Get It Replaced
Every 4 Years

Get It Replaced Every 4 Years

Check the acid
levels every 6 months

Check the acid levels every 6 months

Avoid Frequent
short trips

Avoid Frequent short trips

Ensure It's
Positioned correctly

Ensure It's Positioned correctly

Avoid overcharging
the battery manually

Avoid overcharging the battery manually

Disconnect the battery
when cleaning corrosion

Disconnect the battery when cleaning corrosion

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What does a Car battery replacement do? 

Your Car battery is crucial to maintain the life of your vehicle. It interacts with a lot more  parts than you would assume, and can cause some severe harm to those parts too if it's damaged. 

It can even go to the extent of entirely shutting down your Car if it goes flat. A simple  Car battery replacement service remedies all these issues, and has your Car back to optimal performance in no time. 

What can damage a Car battery? 

There are a plethora of factors that influence the general health of a car battery. The list ranges from  leaving your headlights or internal lights on, to a defective charging mechanism, to a faulty alternator, to  loose or worn-out battery cables. 

General car maintenance advice includes avoiding excessively short drives and routinely getting a car  battery change service done. This is particularly useful if you happened to have a bad battery. 

How do you know when to get a Car battery replacement?

If you’re worried about the health of your Car battery, replace the entire unit. Our team  of auto service experts recommend getting a Car battery replacement service done every  three to four years. With our extensive Car parts network, you can get a manufacturer approved battery from one of the region's best Car battery shops. 

This would still depend on various factors: the quality of the battery, your driving habits, and the  weather conditions.

Most Car batteries wear out every three years with normal usage. Since the battery slowly  loses health every time the Car gets charged up, three to four years is the average lifespan  of all Car batteries. 

Stretching beyond this range to six years will give you a completely unreliable battery. This is not  recommended since older batteries pose more extensive safety and performance issues that could  result in your Car breaking down. 

A tip for owners of new Car with onboard computers would be to use your Car more frequently. Even when your Car is idle, the battery is being used by all the  technological components in your vehicle. 

To combat this, going for short drives around your neighbourhood helps to allow the battery to  recharge. 

Where to get a Car battery replacement near me? 

Being stranded is one of the worst outcomes of a flat battery dubai can offer. With our pickup and delivery service, we're always around to help with Car recovery and roadside assistance in case you're stranded. 

Our quick and simple booking process means you can get our assistance almost immediately. You can stay at home and relax while we work on your Car battery replacement service. 

For staying powered up with the best Car battery, make a booking now at Service My Car for the most convenient Car battery replacement service in Dubai.

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